About Us

It was decided to launch this website to bring local and foreign sports information accurately and expeditiously to the Sri Lankan community around the world. We owe respect to the audience that have remained with us; therefore, we have launched this new dimensional website in response to the constant requests from our audience to fill the void left by a website that conveys accurate sports information, especially to the Sri Lankan community. This website hopes to bring to the audience information on the most popular cricket news among Sri Lankans as well as information on Sri Lankan sports, including football, rugby and athletics, and insights into these sports. Our team at www.sportspavilion.lk is fully prepared to compile information in a way that everyone can understand, using simple language.

Danushka Aravinda is a Bachelor of Journalism (Specialist) from the University of Kelaniya and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism from the same University. It is with humble pride that we inform our audience that the site is rich in quality news. We have also been joined by a number of well-known foreign sports journalists to write articles to expand the variety of information.

With the aim of providing swift and accurate news updates on Local and International sporting arena, www.sportspavilion.lk will be launched for all Sri Lankan sporting lovers residing anywhere across the globe. An absence was felt in terms of having a web portal providing instant and accurate news updates on the global arena to Sri Lankan fans of a variety of sports, not forgetting the valuable requests made by the sporting fans of our country, and also as an honor to all the requests made, it was decided to go ahead with the launch of this next-gen website. News updates on Cricket, Football, Rugby and Athletics which are some of the favorites of Sri Lanka’s sporting lovers, not forgetting the hot updates behind the scenes, will be shared exclusively with people who show immense love for sports. Using a very simplified choice of words, the team at www.sportspavilion.lk is prepared to provide updates to ensure fans around the world could easily understand.

We highly appreciate your suggestions and comments on the development of the website www.sportspavilion.lk, which will be launched on 01.10.2021. Please send your suggestions and comments to [email protected].

D. G. Danushka Aravinda
B.A Mass Communication (sp) in University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.
Dilmith Weerasinghe
MSc Development Management - London School of Economics (LSE)